Before reading through the article, please keep one fact in mind. This incident happened in 1317, after the Kakatiya Emperor Prataparudra faced three invasions from Delhi Sultanate, two of which he lost and six years before the end of the kingdom.
There is an inscription is engraved on the south wall of the Chandana Mantapa in Ranganatha Temple, written in Grantha Script, but in Telugu – this marks the greatest advance of the Kakatiya Empire in South. This inscription is dated to Saka 1239(March 28, 1317). Issued by the Kakatiya commander Devari Nayaka in the name of his suzerain, this commemorates the installation of Sundara Pandya as the ruler of the Pandyas. An interesting thing to note is the formal title of Prataparudra – Mahamandalesvara Kakatiya Prataparudra Maharaja – Maharaja(king) and  Mahamandalesvara(governor). Going by the fact that this is an operation conducted solely by the Kakatiyas, the Muslim histories that this is something envisioned by Malik Kafur should be viewed with suspicion. It is possible that a delegation went to Malik Kafur and from there, to Warangal(Urangai in Tamil) either as a delegation or as a rumour or as a petition to Prataparudra directly; Prataparudra used that opportunity to his benefit is more probable than he acting as a Khilji vassal and leading the Khilji armies. Kakatiyas had presence in Kanchipuram before Jatavarman Sundara Pandya pushed them back and it may be that Prataparudra was waiting for an opening to enter the area again. However, there is a level of unhappiness in the Tamil lands because of the Telugu armies, which is clearly visible from the Tamil saying(is it solace from the ignominy of being under foreign yoke?) – I am not a Kakatiya, meaning I am not a fool.
The overall story is that there is a civil war in Pandyan territories between Vira Pandya and Sundara Pandya, the first being an illegitimate son and the second one, a legitimate one of Kulashekhara Pandya. Preference of Vira Pandya over Sundara Pandya resulted in an open war – Sundara Pandya got the support of the Kakatiyas and Vira Pandya, of Ravivarma Kulashkhara, the Chera ruler of Venad and his father’s one time vassal. Kakatiyas under Muppidi Nayaka and Devari Nayaka restored the power of Sundara Pandya, who may have ultimately lost out to Vira Pandya after the return of the Kakatiyas as Sundara Pandya is not heard about after 1319. In gratitude, a service was instituted in the name of Muppidi Nayaka in Vriddhachalam Siva Temple by Sundara Pandya. It is estimated that Ravivarma disappeared from history between 1314 and 1317(his successor Udaya Martanda Varma started his regnal numbering from 1313 – either his uncle is dead by then, or his uncle is in Tamil Nadu with a very little possibility to return) making it possible that Muppidi Nayaka killed Ravivarma in the battle. image


Note that there is another related inscription in Jambukeshwara Temple.