India and Arabia have much claim to being separate continents than Europe. For all practical purposes, Europe is nothing but an annexe of the Mighty Asian continent. But well, it is a continent because Europeans defined the concept of continents and decided that Europe is a continent. Because of this, there is no clarity as to where Asia ends and where Europe starts. The definition of Europe varied variedly from Kazakhstan to Crimea. But the standard definition is that all Caucus is a part of Europe. Going by the European concept of racial superiority, we can assign three different reasons why Europe contains Caucus –

1. The best Russian General cannot be an Asian. Napoleon himself acknowledged Pyotr Bagration, a Georgian prince is the best of the Russian commanders. If that is the case, how can he be Asian?

2. The warlord who broke Hitler and the Red Czar of the North, Stalin, a Georgian, can he be Asian?

3. Hitler was not powerful enough to advance into Asia. He stopped between Grozny and Tbilisi