Well, a drab one. Below is the dynasty chart of Cholas.

There are a few major things to remember.

  1. Vijayalaya is the first Chola Ruler. He is nothing more than a petty governor or feudatory under the Pallavas who gained prominence by performing well in Pandyan-Pallava Wars. He declared that he is descended from the antique Cholas, but there is no proof corroborating thus. Assuming he is not just another who liked and used the title Chola, this raises an interesting question regarding the genesis of Vijayalaya’s line since Renati Cholas, assumed to be Telugu, existed much before Vijayalaya. It is also possible the Pallavas installed him or his father to claim legitimacy over the traditionally Chola lands.
  2. Aditya declared independence by rebelling with a bulk of Pallava Army against his patron and suzerain Pallava Aparajita, killing him in a battle and then marrying his wife.
  3. Kulothunga I is not a Chola, but is an Eastern Chalukyan Prince whose mother is from the Chola royal family.
  4. As like Vijayanagar, no one exactly knows when Chola Empire ended. The date 1279 is supposed to be the last recorded date of the Cholas.