Dear Indira

We just finished the meeting at Barooah’s. I wanted to tell you something very urgently but you are at some state dinner. I am therefore sending you this hurried note.

Nothing has been done—no list prepared…nothing whatsoever. Some people here do not realise the seriousness of the situation in the country. But Barooah and Rajni were helpful and Ghokale [sic] will have a draft ordinance ready by tonight. We have decided on the guidelines and we are meeting again at 9 am (ugh!) at Ghokhale’s tomorrow. So that we can come to you with something.

I told Om to do this thing and I would want YOU to order Brahmananda Reddy to do this thing immediately. A secret telex message should go at once to every chief minister (Congress) directing him to prepare a list of all prominent Anand Marg and RSS members in his state. He need not be told of any ordinance but he should have the list ready. The idea is to swing into action immediately after the ordinance is ready—and it has to be ready in 24 hours’ time from now. I hope the President will be readily available to sign the ordinance. Also a special Cabinet meeting should be called either tomorrow evening or night or very early in the morning the day after. (This is in case the ordinance takes more than 24 hours to be finalised.)

At tomorrow’s meeting you insist on the ordinance being ready by the evening. Also please ring up Brahmananda Reddy tonight and tell him about ‘x’. Prepage (sounds like a file noting!)


In case you want to talk to me I shall be at home.

It looks like his opinion over Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed(1974 – President elections) hit a bull’s eye.

Dear Indira,… I think Mr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed is our best bet. Apart from being a Muslim, he is also from the Eastern region, and we have never had a president from that region. He will be completely loyal and Mrs Ahmed is eminently presentable…. I think the CPI will fall in line in the end….

And the proclamation of emergency –

In exercise of the powers conferred by clause 1 of Article 352 of the Constitution, I, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, President of India, by this Proclamation declare that a grave emergency exists whereby the security of India is threatened by internal disturbances.


New Delhi ­25th June, 1975