The period between the fall of Kakatiya Empire and the consolidation of the lands under Bahamanis in Telangana was a period of high confusion in Telangana-Palnadu belt. With shifting alliances between the twin kingdoms of Rachakonda and Devarakonda, the Reddys of Kondavidu who were their opponents, Vijayanagar and Bahamani Sultanate, it was an area of regular and even brutal warfare. Firoz Shah, the Bahamani Sultan laid his eyes on the kingdoms of the Velamas(Devarakonda and Rachakonda) and entered into a pact with Peda Komati Vema Reddy of Kondavidu. Seeing this, the Velamas, the allies of Firoz Shah in their fight with Vijayanagar at Panagal break the terms. Below is the high level sequence of events –

1. Vedagiri II of the Velama Kingdoms invade Kondavidu. Peda Komati Vema is on an expedition to Rajahmundry and his brother Macha, the Governor of Dharanikota is killed leading the Reddy armies. His head is carried off to Devarakonda and used as a spittoon

2. Peda Komati Vema petitions Firoz Shah and in the ensuing battle with Velamas, Mada II, Ramachandra are killed and Vedagiri II is captured. He is beheaded and his head is carried off to Kondavidu to be used as a spittoon in revenge.

3. The Velamas, now under Anapota II break their pact with the Bahamanis and switch sides to support Vijayanagar at Panagal. Firoz Shah is badly beaten and chased till his capital after his army is destroyed.

4. The Velamas, under Anapota II and Linga, the son of Mada II advance upon Kondavidu. Peda Komati Vema is killed.

It is said that Srinatha was sent by Racha Vema, the son of Peda Komati Vema to the court of Linga to beg to return Nandikanthapotaraju, the sword of Peda Komati Vema Reddy carted off to Devarakonda after the battle. The poem below is what Srinatha is said to have recited in that context, a paean in glory of Linga. Velama rulers, being great writers themselves, gave back the sword along with appropriate honours suiting the poet-supreme.