Another dead statistic dawns today,
Contempt dissolved foundations love astray.
   Malicious memories of miscarried mirth,
   Repetitious resolving rends rebirth.

Too far, too strange, oh we have now become.
Decisions bleeding passions cold and numb.
   My frozen frigid feelings fade to black
   Behold the barracuda’s bitter back.

Oblique sidewalks a house no longer home.
Neglect’s hand opened doors for needs to roam.
   Bent and broken, beautiful bygone heart
   Past promises play the party-line part.

Divided assets fighting custodies
New boxes cardboard tombs of memories.
    Separations and somber songs subside
   Choice-less children and contemptible chides.

Petitioned courts and mediation pleas
Sustaining into absolute decrees.
   Formerly favored family so forlorn.
   Forever festers feeble foolishness.