Condemned to be my truth inside,
To you I’ve given all my pride,
When our celestial stars collide,
I’ll drain out all the tears I cried.
For you alone have broken me,
And threw out all my good debris.

The depth in your imperfections,
You destroyed all my perceptions,
Connected a disconnection,
Never wanting your affection,
May the shadows keep you quiet,
Wishing your secrets are private.

You have stolen my innocence,
Forgetting all my relevance,
I prayed for my deliverance,
From you a dark bad influence,
You damaged my mortality,
And blocked your informality.

I will admit I’m stronger now,
You’re abuse I will not allow,
My psyche you will never plow,
My body clean and wonder how,
Condemned to be my truth inside,
No longer will I have to hide.