In our times,
Height of skyscrapers increased, but did that of humanity decreased?
Roads widened, but did the viewpoints narrowed?
Expenses increased, but did the savings dwindled?
Expanded homes, but small families.
Pleasures increased, but the fun reduced.
Free time increased, but the fun reduced.
Degrees and diplomas increased, but wisdom went down.
Mountains of information, but no one to point the correctness.
Lot of medicines, but less health.
Ownership increased, values went down?
We talk a lot, love less and hate easily
Standard of life increased, but life became poorer.
We added years in life, but not life to those years.
We visited the moon, but we are not visiting the neighbor.
We are winning outside, but losing within.
We are trying to purify air, but our soul suffocates.
Income increased, but honesty decreased.
This is time of more tall people, but less towering characters.
Tons of profits, but less of relations.
Talks about world peace, but fights in home.
Time at hand, but fun already lost.
Lots of foods, but no taste.
More people earning, but divorces increased.
Houses decorated, but homes devastated.
Lots of showpieces in windows, but rooms empty.
There is technology today,
to make this letter reach to you.
And you still have freedom,
To take a serious look,
If you want to change something, change,
Or just forget it and hit delete.