Battle of Panipat is a great example religion takes preference over country. Here, four high ranking nobles, three of them, Subedars of Mughal Court and the fourth, a field commander preferred to fight for a foreigner, but of their own race and religion than support an Indian army, at least formally, representing the Mughal Emperor. The fifth one was Shuja-ud-Daulah(not a Pathan), who, on instigation of Najib-ud-Daulah and against the advice of his mother, decided to fight against those who restored his father’s power and was powerless to prevent the execution of the teenaged son of the person who restored his father’s power.

  Position before Panipat Died Death
Najib-ud-Daulah Governor of Saharanpur
Son-in-law of Dundi Khan
1770 Natural, Mahadji Shinde destroyed his grave and threw away his bones in revenge for Jankoji Shinde’s execution
Ahmad Khan Bangash Nawab of Farukhabad 1771 Natural
Hafiz Rahmat Khan Regent of Rohilkhand
Subedar of Sirhind
1774 Killed in war with Shuja-ud-Daulah
Dundi Khan Commander in Chief of Rohillakhand 1770 Natural