A powerful one, but I will never subscribe to the concept. Sacrificing themselves like insects before a lamp, all for what? To impose what you think as right on the world, that too by violently opposing the existing order – a fight between two ideas, not an attempt to gain independence from a colonial power.

We with our own hands have spread the coals beneath our feet,
We have run till we fainted on the path of our ideals,
We have never paused for rest, we have never looked behind,
We have let neither love nor fame be shackles to bind,
A single star before us, the burning coals beneath —
Shout victory, victory to the revolution! Shout victory!

Why, mother, do your eyes fill with tears? your future is bright,
The dawn of tomorrow comes out of the womb of the night,
Today it is our corpses that blaze upon  the funeral pyre,
Out of that blaze will come revolution’s leaders of tomorrow
Then the shackles on your feet will shatter with a clang,
Shout victory, victory to the revolution! Shout victory!