Restricting the discussion to the Maratha Empire based in Satara(the other two being Kolhapur and Tanjore), Satara Darbar directly controlled only five states besides the Peshwa. The whole of Maratha Empire, including the heavyweights like the Sindhia, Gaekwad, Holkar and the rest reported to the Peshwa, who in turn, reported to the Chatrapati at Satara. The five states it controlled directly, for various reasons are Aundh, Paltan, Bhor, Akalkot and Jath/Daflapur. All of them came into British rule on the lapse of Satara in 1849 and merged with India on 8 March 1948. Daphlapur lapsed to Jath due to lack of heirs on 27 Jan 1917. Of these, Bhor is the only salute state in the group with a 9-gun salute.
There are various reasons why these jagirs were excluded from Peshwa domains. While Akalkot and Phaltan were ruled by the royal family(Akalkot’s first ruler Fatehsinh Bhonsle was an adopted son of Chatrapati Sahu and Shivaji’s first wife is from Phaltan royal family), Bhor and Aundh are ruled by Peshwa’s equals.
Phaltan is the only kingdom which preceded Maratha Empire, it was a local jagir from the days of Delhi Sultanate.

Reports to Title of Ruler Area(sq km) Population(1901) Start First Last
Bhor Collector of Poona Pant Sachiv 3862 137268 1697 Shankarji Narayan, Pant Sachiv of Chatrapati Rajaram Raghunathrao Shankarrao Babasaheb Pandit
Akalkot Collector of Sholapur Raje Bhonsle 1290 82047 1708 Fatehsinh Bhonsle, adopted son of Chatrapati Shahu Vijayasinhrao Fatehsinhrao
Aundh Collector of Satara Pant Pratinidhi 1298 63921 1699 Parshuram Tryambak, Pant Sachiv of Chatrapati Rajaram Bhawanrao Shriniwasrao
Phaltan Collector of Satara Naik Nimbalkar 1028 45739 1284 Nimbaji Nimbalkar(founder) Maloji Rao Mudhojirao
Jath Collector of Bijapur Dafle/Deshmukh 1414 61868 1686 Satvaji Rao, Patil of Daphlapur Vijaysinghrao Ramrao Babasaheb
Daphlapur Collector of Bijapur Dafle/Deshmukh 249 6797 1680 Satvaji Rao Ranibai Lakshmibai Saheb(merged to Jath on death)