The real question is, is Tipu a communal bigot as the British portrayed or is he just another monarch intent on ruling his territories? He tormented people from other religion, but that was in different kingdoms – Coorg was a rebellion, Mangalore was a siege, Kerala was an invasion. Whatever his story is, below letter which he wrote as a response to the Shringeri Sankaracharya’s request for aid after the Maratha raid of Shringeri temple(ironically, they looted Ahobilam, one of the most pre-eminent in South India, as well) portrays him in a completely different picture. The letter is written in Kannada, and contains a Sanskrit sloka as well, so much for a bigoted Muslim. By the way, there is another incident – he preferred to relinquish more lands in return for the little, derelict village of Anegondi, the erstwhile megapolis of Vijayanagar.


The Honorable Shringeri Shri Sacchidananda Swamigal, bestowed with Shrimat Param Hansa.

We received your letter and have understood the gravity of the matter. We have noted that the cavalry of the Maratha king attacked Sringeri and beat the Brahmins and the other people, removed the idol of the Goddess Sharda Ammanavaru (Mother) and also looted the valuables belonging to the Shringeri Math. We have also noted that four discip;les belonging to the Shringeri Math had to take shelter at Karkala and that the idol of Shringeri Sharda Ammanavaru was consecrated in ancient times and if this idol has to be consecrated again, the support of the government is needed. The reconsecration of the deity will be performed along with mass feeding, if the requisite amount is provided by the Government.

Those who have committed such atrocities will suffer the consequences as stated in a particular shloka (verse in Samskrita) – ‘People do evil smiling but will suffer the penalty in torments of agony – Hasadhvi Kriyathe Karma Raudhrir Anubhuyathe’. Treachery to Gurus will lead to all round ruin, destruction of all wealth and the ruin of the family.

On hearing of the attack, the Sarkar has sent an elephant with it’s Mahavat, Ahammed. The Asaf of the city has been ordered to get a palanquin made for the Math and pay 200 rahathis in cash and 200 rahathis for paddy for the consecration of the idol of Sri Sharada Ammanavauru. Carry out appropraite measures for the consecration of the idol of the Ammanavaru idol and send the report immediately. May God bless the government of Tipu (Ahmadi).

We are sending a heavy sari (worked in Gold) and a blouse piece for the Goddess Sharada Ammanavaru, and a pair of shawls for you. Please write on receiving them. An order is sent to the Asaf of the town to deal with the problems of the Math. Contact him.

Date 26, month Samarisala Babarabadhi, Year San 1219, Mahammad, Virodhikrita Samvat Ashadha Bahula 12. Writer Narasaiah   Signed Nabi Malik