If [Russian] mobilization cannot any longer be reversed — which is not true — why did the Tsar ever invoke my mediation three days ago without saying a word about issuing the mobilization order? That shows clearly that he himself considers that order to have been overhasty and he took this step afterwards as a matter of form to quiet his uneasy conscience although knowing that it woulf be no good, sinve he didnot feel strong enough to stop the mobilizing. Friovility and weakness are going to plunge the world in the most frightful war of which the ultimate object is the overthrow of Germany. For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves – knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria – to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us. That is the explanation of Grey’s cynical remark to Lichnowsky that “as long as war is confined to Russia and Austria, England will sit still, and only when we and France get ourselves mixed up with it will he be forced to take active steps against us”. THat means we are either basely to betray our ally and leave her to the mercy of Russia – thereby breaking up the Triple Alliance, or as a reward for keeping our pledges get set upon and beaten by the Triple Entete in a body, so that their longing to ruin us completely can be finally satisfied. That is in a nutshell the bare bones of the situation, slowly but surely brought about by Edward VII; carried forward systematically by the secret conversations in Paris and St. Petersburg, the occurence of which England has always denied; finally completed and put into operation bt George V. In this way, the stupidity and clumisiness of our ally is turned into a noose. So the celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accomplished fact, in spite of all efforts by our politicians to prevent it. The net has suddenly been closed over our head, and the purely anti-German policy which England has been scornfully pursuing all over the world has won the most spectacular victory which we have proved powerfless to prevent while they, having got us despite our struggles all alone into the net through our loyalty to Austria, proceed to throttle our political and economic existence. A magnificient achievement which even for those for whom it means disaster are bound to admire. Even after his death Edward VII is stronger than I, though I am still alive! And yet there were people who thought we could win England over or quiet her down with this or that little measure. Relentlessly, inexorably she has pursued her goal, with notes, proposals for naval holidays, scares, Haldane, etc,. until we have cme to this. And we fell into the net and started to build only one capital ship a year in the pious hope that we would thereby reassuer England!!! All requests and warnings on my part went unregarded. Now we get what the English consider to be gratitude. Our dilemma over keeping faith with the old and honourable Emperor has been exploited to create a situation which gives England the excuse she has been seeking to annihilate us with spurious appearance of justice on the pretext that she is helping France and maintaining the well-known Balance of Power in Europe, i.e. playing off all European States for her own benefit against us. Now our job is to show up the whole business ruthlessly and tear away the mask of Christian peaceseeking and put the pharisaical hypocrisy about peace in the pillory!!! And our consuls in Turkey and India, agents etc., must get a conflargation going through out the whole Mohammedan world against this hated, unscrupulous dishonest nation of shopkeepers – since if we are going to bleed to death, England must at least lose India.