It is generally estimated that Arabs sent 14 invasions against Sind before finally taking it. Ironically, after Sind fell, it was taken by the locals under the charge of the slain king’s son Jaishah. The level of hardships faced prompted a messenger to tell the Caliph that “There is too little water. The fruit is useless. The thieves steal with impunity. A small army will get annihilated. A large army will starve to death.” and Usman decreed not to invade Sind as “its water is dirty, its soil stony, and its fruit poisonous”. Below is the list of invasions, may be some of them are wrong, some misplaced, any corrections are welcome.

Year Victor Arab Commander Details Fate of Arab Commander
638 Sind Mughairah Naval raid of Debal KIA – Battle of Debal
644 Arabs Hakam ibn Amr Battle of Rasil – raid  
660 Arabs Saghir bin Dau Advance till Kikanan, turned back on death of Caliph  
  Sind Haris bin Marrah   KIA – Battle of Kikanan(Kalat)
664 Sind Abdullah bin Sawad   KIA – Battle of Kikanan(Kalat)
665 Sind Muhlib bin Sufra Advance till Kikan  
  Arabs Anhaf bin Kais Advance till Makran, no major action  
668 Sind Rashid bin Umar Advance till Kikan KIA – Battle of Bharj
~670 Sind Sinan bin Salmah   KIA – Battle of Budhiya
680 Arabs Manzir bin Harud Advance till Buqan  
681-3 Sind Ibn Harri Al Bahili Advance till Buqan  
?? Sind ?? ?? ??
708 Sind Obaidullah bin Nabhan   KIA
708 Sind Buzail bin Tahfa   KIA – Battle of Debal
712 Arabs Mohammed Bin Qasim Conquest of Sind Executed after war