The irony of Indian history is that, all official history written, even post independence centres around who ruled North India and nothing else. A few names which clearly prove this case are Sri Krishna Deva Raya whose kingdom was much bigger than that of Ibrahim Lodhi or Babar, Ahoms whose conquest Mughals were never able to achieve and the duo of Rajaraja/Rajendra Chola who made Bay of Bengal Chola lake. One of the best instances of this can be clearly visible in the framing of the below question –

Identify A to J.

1. A, who ruled the kingdom B, invaded the kingdom D, ruled by C and defeated him such badly that C was left only with his capital city.
2. A defeated E, who is considered to be the most powerful ruler of North India.
3. C’s son, F, in revenge, invaded A’s capital city and literally burnt it to ground. The battle was that disastrous for B that no one knew for sure whether A survived the battle or not, for the next ten years.

A few more additional titbits regarding this episode –
1. F’s invasion is led by G, who became famous as a saint in Indian pantheon. G looted a statue from the fort walls of A’s capital city and installed it in his hometown. A fammous religious song H is written on a replica of that statue.
2. A’s son I invaded D again and plundered it completely. But, instead of destroying the city, seeing the beauty of the city, he left it as it is.
3. I faced an invasion from the most powerful army in the world J and an army under his nephew defeated them that badly that they never dared to venture into that area again.

A – Pulakesi II
B – Chalukyan Empire
C – Parameshwaravarman
D – Pallava Empire
E – Harshavardhana
F – Narasimhavarman
G – Paranjyoti
H – Vatapi Ganapatim by Muthuswami Deekshitar
I – Vikramaditya
J – Umayyad Caliphate

The kingdom which defeated the most powerful of the North Indian kingdoms is literally trashed by another one. And the two South Indian kingdoms are nothing but footnotes in Indian history, but are vastly superior to a North Indian kingdom about which we hear and read everything. Do we need this bias in our history, first of all?