25 Jul 2015

After much humming and hawing, two of my friends joined me to Mayfair lavender farm. My initial plan was to go to the farm directly after buying a camera and depositing it with my friends. After buying the camera and giving the camera to them, all of a sudden, they decided to join me. For them, I had to turn back for lunch, net result, we started by 2:30. The route was a very long one and TFL didnot provide a proper route. We didn’t get 90, so, we jumped into 140 to Heathrow Terminal 5 from Uxbridge County Court. The route actually shown was X26 to Croydon and 166 from there to Oaks Park. Rather, I got down at Carshalton, took 127 to Purley and 166 from there to Oaks Park. The route after Wallington was very scenic – both rural and forested.
The smell of the flowers was sufficient enough to announce the bus stop, when we were actually struggling to find the correct bus stop. Not so big, but Mayfield lavender farm is a 300×300 square metre plot of land in rows and rows of lavender bushes. May be it is a late variety or because it was too bright, the colour of the farm was not as stark as we expected. But, still, it was a treat to eyes and senses. Only a female partner was missing in that setting. Leave it. Some dreams will stay dreams.


There was an associate bee farm as well for honey. After roaming around sufficiently, we turned back. In the meanwhile, my mother called me and when I told where I was, she asked me for a bottle of lavender oil. Since the bottle costed more than five pounds, I got my entry pound back. But, seriously, a proper camera was lacking.

For return, we took a completely different route, this time, in the opposite direction to Banstead. This turned out to be our saviour since there was a direct bus to Sutton(S1) which dropped us in Sutton in ten minutes through a forested way. It saved us almost an hour.
It was very late when we started. Had we been slightly early, we would have spent some time on Kingston riverside before turning back.