The last movie I saw in a theatre was unfortunately, San Andreas, which was a fitting tribute to my foul mood. Last Friday, we suddenly decided to go to Bahubali. Only problem, there was no Telugu show at the time I wanted and I had to settle for Tamil. The movie was great from all aspects from the picturization of Athirapally falls to the city of Mahishmati to the climatic battle scene. Seeing the waterfalls, simply put, we cannot anticipate it as an Indian waterfall. Yes, the budget played a major part for splitting the story into two but, that made the second one-fifth of the movie dull and stupid, especially those dialogues like ‘You are a Girl’ which Prabhas tells to Tamanna.
The story is a proven and tested Telugu story, because of which there are no surprises. It’s the story of two brothers competing for throne, with the usual intrigues and melodrama. Everything is according to the script with Rana being the bad sibling till the climax – an invasion which somehow, is beaten back and Prabhas is declared the king. This is a twenty minute fight sequence which was superbly portrayed.
Kattappa(Sathyaraj) is a major character in the plot – he is a slave to the throne of Mahishmati and is held in respect by everyone. He is a great fighter and the actual screenplay makes you think Sathyaraj is the actual hero. He narrates the story to the new Prabhas, the son of old Prabhas.
It is actually three pieces knit together – a Prabhas enjoying life in his village, rebellion against Rana and Prabhas’s role in that, the flashback. A few striking things – Kannada fixation – Bahubali, Bijjala and Ballala are Kannada names, Sathyaraj placing Prabhas’s foot on his head, the powerful role of Ramyakrishna, the battle sequence and the expressionless faces of Tamanna and Sathyaraj. The dialogue of Ramyakrishna at the end of the coup is perfect in Tamil, but not in Telugu. And the voices, Sathyaraj was perfect in Tamil, Prabhas and Sudeep in Telugu. The role of Chalapati Rao and Tanikella Bharani, I still don’t understand what’s the need to have those senior actors for those petty roles. And the hero worship of Prabhas is stark, even Ramyakrishna preferred her son to Prabhas. Rana’s son character turned out to be incapable of that role, he is fit only for the role of a college student teasing girls.
But overall, it’s a great movie and with it’s background score, it’s a nice experience in theatres.