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Pakistan was badly losing the war. The myth of Pakistani military prowess is being shred to pieces. The Pakistani Foreign Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is not able to influence the things in the UNO, even after Richard Nixon effectively gave a carte blanche to Pakistan. Finally, Dhaka has fallen. Below is his famous speech in the UNO on 15 Dec 1971 where he tore some papers and bid adieu to use the same war as a launch pad for his political future.

Yesterday, my eleven year old son telephoned me from Karachi. And he said to me, do not come back with a Document of Surrender. We do not want to see you back in Pakistan if you come like that. I will not take back Document of Surrender from the Security Council. I will not be a party to the legalization of aggression. The Security Council has failed miserably, shamefully.

For four days we have deliberated here. For four days the Security Council has procrastinated. Why? Because the object was for Dacca to fall. That was the object. It was quite clear to me from the beginning. All right, so what if Dhaka falls? So what if the whole of East Pakistan falls? So what if the whole of West Pakistan falls? So what if we are obliterated? We will build a new Pakistan. We will build a better Pakistan. We will build a greater Pakistan.

So, Security Council has acted short-sightedly by acquiescing to these dilatory tactics. You know, you have come to a point when we say, “Do what you like.” If before you had come to this point, we could have made a commitment. We could have said, “All right, we are prepared to do some things.” Now why should we? You want to silence us by guns. Silence our voices by arms. So, Why should we say that we are agreeing to anything? Now you decide what you like. Your decision will not be binding on us. You can decide what you like. You can do, because if you had left us a margin of hope, we might have been a party to some settlement.

I find it disgraceful to my person and to my country to remain here a moment longer than is necessary. But I am not boycotting. Impose, impose any decision, have a treaty worse than the Treaty of Versailles, legalise aggression, legalise occupation, legalise everything that has been illegal till 14th or 15th of December 1971. I will not be a party to it. We will fight; we will go back and fight. My country harkens for me. Why should I waste my time here in the Security Council? (Tearing Papers) I am going.