Below is the official profile of a Member of First Lok Sabha


MALLUDORA, SHRI GAM, Independent [Madras—Visakhapatnam (Reserved—Sch. Tribes)—1952]: S. of Shri Gam Jogi Dora; B. Battapanukulu, Golugonda Taluk, Visakhapatnam Distt. Madras State, 1900; m. Shrimati Atchamma; 1 D.; Agriculturist; Principal lieutenant of the Late Shri Alluri Sitarama Raju, hero of Rampa Pithuri—revolt of the hill tribes of the Visakhapatnam and Godavari Distts. in 1921—-24, which synchronised with Gandhiji’s first Civil Disobedience Movement; Sentenced to death, later commuted to transportation for life; Served a sentence of 13-1/2 years and a further term of 3-1/2 years internment at Visakhapatnam.

Hobby: Archery.

Favourite pastime: Shooting and hunting.

Permanent address: C/o Dr. Lanka Sundaram, Pavani Kutir, P.O.Maharanipet, Visakhapatanam, Madras State.

Comments regarding the highlighted section –

He was a principal lieutenant of Alluri Sita Rama Raju but he was necked out of the movement since he was caught drinking even after being warned. He was caught by the British in an inebriated condition, that too in the house of his concubine and the information he provided under torture is one of the main reasons for failure of the rebellion.

Yes, he didnot reveal any information voluntarily and that absolves him, but this information? Is it just using local sympathy and legendary fame for personal gains? And, did he do it, or someone coaxed him to do it?