Date: 26/06/2015

Another long day at office. After humming and hawing, divided between not doing anything, a proper Biryani and Windsor, we decided on Windsor. As expected, it started with the comedy of rates – a train ticket from Hayes and Harlington to Windsor with Network Rail Card discount costs £13 while it costs £5.5 without. The first train journey was a fifteen minute one to Slough with a train change to Windsor. The Windsor journey is six minutes and the train had two bogies because it was peak in a dedicated track linking Windsor and Slough. If I remember correctly, this line was laid for the convenience of Victoria, a onetime Queen of England.
It is a very scenic view, with greenery and Thames, with superb views of Windsor Castle and Eton College. After idling for some time between the closed shops in the shopping arcade by the station, we moved towards the Castle, it’s imposing bulk dominating everything. A striking thing was the royal standard atop the White Tower, an interesting thing going by the fact that the Queen was in Germany yesterday. Walking by the Castle walls, we noted a typical banner at the Parish Church stating it is open all seven days. At least, we don’t put such notices before temples…
We walked towards the Park in the mood of having a walk, but the Long Lane, as what they call, is really long to make us disheartened.  It is a tree lined avenue over undulating land and will have to wait for another day.

Long Walk

Our side of it starts with a building in the Castle Complex and is a nice photo spot where a couple was experimenting with phones.
Done, we made our way back towards the river, going by the main road. Looking at Thames, one doesn’t feel that it is a river at all. A stream, may be fifteen feet wide is all it is. But, the riverside at Windsor is a nice spot to sit and do nothing. We were near that boat tours, sitting on a bench looking at the river with the swans and ducks with people feeding them. There is a small tree topped island which adds to the beauty. Exactly opposite to us across the river is a park called The Paddocks which can be treated as one of the best places for taking photos with the castle as background.

The Castle from Paddocks – an old photo

After unsuccessfully trying to photograph a swan rising up to fly, Swan

we went towards the Jubilee Fountain. It’s a nice  one but the smell of stagnant water was clearly noticeable.

Jubilee Fountain The discussion veered towards another fountain which I dismissed as a pipe leak. Besides the fountain is a bowling club, where people roll a ball in a grass lawn. Maybe, the one who rolls the longest is the winner? We took the steps there to go towards the Castle again. After a short discussion, we went into a Thai outlet for food. Being vegetarian, I was served special noodles, which was more of a soup and less of noodles, but was very good. Rest of the items, I had to search for vegetarian. There was this notice there in the hotel – fine if you waste food, the first time I saw it anywhere.


Time to turn back; the train was announced in Windsor immediately after it left Slough and in Slough, we took the train back home in the nick of time. Enroute, we noted that the Castle Tower was lit up and thought, we should have stayed for some more time before turning back.