Imad-ul-Mulk – Imad Shahi – Karnatak Hindu captured as a boy. He served for Khan Jehan and then Mahmud Gawan

Yusuf Adil Khan – Adil Shahi – A Georgian Slave captured at the age of 17 and bought by Mahmud Gawan. He was adpoted as his son. Romantics say he was a son of the Emperor of Turkey changed in cradle

Ahmad – Nizam Shahi – His father, Nizam-ul-Mulk Bhairi was a Brahmin from Vijayanagar named Bhaira and son of one, Timmappa. Taken as a prisoner, he was educated under the name of Hasan. As a companion of Muhammad Shah Bahamani, he was called Bhairi or falcon.

Quli Qutb Shah – A relative of an Amir of Persia Jahan Shah who was forced to flee due to political dissensions. He gifted some horses to Ahmed Shah and won his confidence. He saved the king from a coup in 1490 because of which he was given the Telangana Jagir in 1495.

Qasim Barid – A Georgian who joined the service of Bahamani Sultanate, graduated to the level of the Prime Minister of the Bahamani Sultanate. Some say he was a Hungarian. It was his high handedness hich forced the Empire to splinter away.