Date: 12/06/2015

A long and boring day in office with just a single interesting occurence. A party is being thrown for a project which went live with much trouble. A project manager for the project went desk to desk asking all the invitees either to accept or reject the invite but respond for sure.
Left office by 6:30 and suddenly decided to go to Northala Hills. They are three artificial hillocks near Northolt made out of rubble overlooking a major motorway on one side with the arch of Wembley Stadium in the distance and a few ponds and wilderness on the other side. Though slowly turning lovers paradise and drunkards dens, the park and the views from the top of the mounds is still too good. The regular mistake I do is, I always climb the first one from Target Roundabout but the best one is the last. Climbing down is a big hassle from them but is a happy experience.