When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled – African Proverb

In the tussle of ego between two mighty, it’s an insignificant common man who suffers. He just wants a safe and happy life with no troubles, unless he gets his due, it doesn’t concern him who rules the land he lives and all dreams turn topsy turvy when faced with the reality of war. A child having a happy, carefree childhood suddenly loses everyone, he becomes the bread earner of the family – all for what? Below are photos of two children, causalities  of war in their own fashion.

This photo, I will never forget. This nine month old little boy, by name Hamidullah Gul turned up in an ICU in Pakistan when America invaded Afghanistan. The caption in the newspaper where I saw this photo was simply, Mom, what did I do?

This came in today’s papers. This girl, Hudea, four years old, now in a refugee camp in Syria surrendered herself with her hands lifted up all the while biting her lower lip to stop crying in fear thinking that the lens with which she is being shot is actually a gun. Scarred permanently for life, how are we expecting a sane life for her twenty years later?

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