A privateer Thimmayya, in the employ of Vijayanagar to disrupt the Muslim shipping was attacked by the Portuguese under Estevao da Gama once and the port of Honavar was burnt. Emperor Vira Narasimha, sensing their use in destroying Muslim shipping, in October 1505, he deputed Thimayya along with the Gersoppa chief, Malhar Rao to open negotiations with Portuguese viceroy Almeida. The Portuguese were allowed to erect a fortress at Anjediv and set up a factory in Mirjan. The same was confirmed later that year near Cannanore and it was also decided that Vijayanagar will help the Portuguese to build ships and forts anywhere except Bhaktal. Almeida sent Fr. Salvador Luiz for negotioations in 1508 but wanted Bhaktal, which Vira Narasimha was not ready to give. After another defeat from Calicut, the next Viceroy Albuquerque tried to negotiate for Bhaktal again and sent Fr. Salvador to negotiate. Vijayanagar proposed a combined attack on Calicut first and Muslims immediately after in return for a port between Mangalore and Bhaktal. But the Portuguese were non committal. Also, the mission backfired when Salvador tried to convert Sri Krishnadevaraya to Christianity.
Thimmayya, in turn, instigated the Portuguese to invade and take Goa from the Adilshahis and was taken in 1510. Again, they asked for Bhaktal and Vijayanagar refused. Bhaktal issue was settled when the Portuguese took the control of Goa firmly and they started to offer mercenary services to Vijayanagar, which peaked at the Battle of Raichur in 1520 and Salsette was granted to them. But, when the Portuguese were given control over trade, they started forcing the ships to Goa and forced the traders to sell at the price they wanted. One of the most serious attacks was on Bhaktal in 1542 when Rama Raya was busy crushing protests. In 1544, they decided to loot Tirupati but Rama Raya got a wind of it and they had to beat a hasty retreat. Then, they were involved in a civil war in Bijapur and Vijayanagar was angry at the Portuguese for acting independently. Even after this, Rama Raya tried to normalize the relations in 1546 when Rama Raya sent another embassy. As a part of the agreement, a joint attack was to be launched against Bijapur but the Portuguese didnot fulfil their promise. Another embassy was sent in 1549 to confirm the attack but nothing came out. Irritated, with the help of Ahmednagar, Rama Raya crushed Bijapur in 1551. The rebel Bijapur price, Abdullah, based in Ponda advanced with Portuguese support in 1556 and Bijapur approached Vijayanagar to destroy him. Ponda fell but Salsette stood. But, Rama Raya decided to cut Portuguese to it’s size. All the while, they were destroying and converting temples. In 1558 he ordered Rama Raya Vitthala to advance on Goa with 1,00,000 soldiers, 10,000 horse and 100 elephants supported by Dodda Sankanna Nayaka of Keladi with 20000 soldiers, 1000 horse and 50 elephants while Rama Raya advanced on Mylapore with 5,00,000. The pretext was a raid on Mangalore in 1558. Mylapore was surrendered without a fight, it’s Christian regalia taken away while Panjim itself was taken most probably after a fight. While the Portuguese themselves don’t talk about the invasion of Goa, the reality is that Viceroy Francisco Barreto was removed in the same year. Keladi versions say that he was arrested and presented before Rama Raya. Mylapore was ransomed for 1,00,000 pagodas with 50,000 paid immediately.
The consequence of this censure is that they didnot dare raid Vijayanagar cities at least till 1568.