Sindh my mother, my beloved Jeejal!
On your call I’ve sipped this martyrdom
Here I go to others’ World, but I’ll return from there,
After changing the directions of centuries, and after hoisting the flag of righteousness in heavens,
After changing the lead of time, I’ll return on your call.

Sindh my mother, my beloved Jeejal!
When darkness would cast its shadows, when cruelties would come to rule,
When nights prevailed over days, when lies overcame truths,
I’ll return at that time and will sacrifice my head again

Sindh my mother, my beloved Jeejal!
For your sake, I’ll fight oppressions and tyrannies,
Chanting slogans of sacrifice, I’ll return from there,
And will die for righteousness,
I’ll be returning, fighting and meeting martyrdom again and again,
If crucified, I’ll rise again,
But today I’m going to others’ World, just to return from there!