Whether his beliefs over addressing the issue is substantiated or not, but what he said is completely correct – What guarantee that the culture of smaller states like us will be preserved.

The Palace

Cooch Behar

12th August, 1947

My dear Sardar Patel,

On this great and historic day of Indian Independence, which you have contributed in no small measure to bring about, I send to you on my behalf an on behalf of Cooch Behar most cordial greetings.

The apprehension of most Indian States were, as you know, the natural outcome of the feeling that by sheer weight of population the provinces may submerge and swamp them. The Policy of fair play and sympathetic understanding which you have initiated towards the States is, if I may say so, a very happy augury for the future of our country. The ready response that Policy has evoked from a very large body of Rulers is proof of its signal success.

The country surely needs peace and we all wish it to prosper and you can count upon my whole hearted co-operation and my very best wishes in the prosecution of any Policy that you may think it necessary to adopt for the restoration of peace and for the eradication of poverty.

Yours sincerely,

Jagaddipendra Narayan

Maharaja of Cooch Behar

Patel’s response

New Delhi

17th August, 1947

My dear Maharaja Sahib,

Many thanks for your very kind letter of greetings and wishes on Independence Day. I am more than satisfied with the good response which may appeal to the Rulers of States to join the Dominion has met. I myself had no doubt that approached in the right way the Princes would mostly respond to the country’s cause.

I should like to take this opportunity of thanking your Highness for so readily agreeing to accede to the Indian Dominion along with Assam and West Bengal. Your State occupies a difficult position, but I have no doubt that in concert and unity we shall be able to meet all eventualities.

Yours sincerely,

Vallabhbhai Patel