Well, Nehru, in all his Nehruvian expertise, didnot even respond to the letter.

(1) Order for the release of prisoners is given and there will be no victimization

(2) You and Sheikh Abdullah call a conference, after a fortnight where all political and constitutional matters are discussed with an open mind.

(3) Both parties reiterate that the unity of the state will be maintained and that the principle of autonomy will apply to the province of Jammu as a whole and also to Ladakh and Kashmir valley.

(4) The new constitution to come into force as soon as possible and elections to take within six months.

(5) Implementation of the July agreement will be made at the nest session of Jammu and Kashmir constituent Assembly.

(6) The terms of reference of the commission of Enquiry will be defined.

(7) The commission should be constituted with two judges from India and chief justice of Jammu and Kashmir.

(8) Regarding finality of accession and other matters the conference will seek to reach an agreement.