One of the most complicated ruling dynasties in India is that of the Patwardhan Saranjam. Three brothers who were prominent military commanders were given lands between Kolhapur and Mysore and were given a free hand to expand and hold the both the kingdoms in check. Their traditional area of operation is the land between Krishna and Tungabhadra. Jagirs were granted to the brothers at different times and they have set up their own lines which further split and joined at will. Three of them, Shedbal, Tasgaon and Chinchni were annexed through the convenient Doctrine of Lapse. Data for those three is a bit weak and would invite any further information over them. A few main points to note –

1. In the initial days, all lines ruled from Miraj.

2. Kurundwad split into two branches, senior and junior, with the junior branch ruled by three brothers of Raghunatha Rao II ruling together. One of them died childless and his share lapsed to the other two. From then on, till 1947, it’s joint rule.

3. Parashuram Bhau(Parashuram Rao of Tasgaon) was the regent of Miraj during the reign of Harihar Rao. Seeing his reign as a regent ending, he got Harihar Rao replaced with his younger brother Chintaman Rao.

4. Chintaman Rao of Miraj was presumed killed in a battle and his uncle Gangadhar Rao took the throne. When Chintaman Rao returned, the throne was not ceded to him resulting in a civil war in which Gangadhar Rao lost everything except the Fort of Miraj. He was saved from execution only by the intervention of family elders.

Their history, mainly their dealings with that of Baji Rao(II) is a very interesting read and I will post it on a later day.


The Sangli line had only three rulers. There is an error in the chart and I intend to correct it as early as possible.

  1. Chintaman Rao I 1801-1851
  2. Dhundiraj Rao I 1851-1901
  3. Chintaman Rao II 1901-1947