1818 was the formal end of Maratha Empire. The Holkars, the Shindes and all the rest were formally separated from the Empire and a rump of Satara was created with five kingdoms as it’s vassals – Bhor, Aundh, Phaltan, Jath and Akalkot. Dalhousie one day suddenly declared that adoption is illegal unless sanctioned by him which he never sanctioned and absorbed all the kingdoms which didnot have a ruler, the major ones being Sambalpur, Satara, Jhansi and Nagpur. It’s a different thing altogether that this draconian rule was one of the main reasons for 1857 Rebellion.

At it’s end, Satara contained 2 Subahs, each managed by a Sarsubahdar and divided into 11 Petas managed by Mamlatdars.

Subah Peta
Satara Satara
Satara Jawli
Satara Targaon
Satara Karad
Satara Walwe
Satara Wai
Satara Koregaon
Pandharpur Pandharpur
Pandharpur Khatav
Pandharpur Khanapur
Pandharpur Bijapur

And below are the last of those who constituted the Ashta Pradhan Mandal. By the time of Pratap Singh, The post of Peshwa was replaced by that of a Diwan.