The “Bismarck” is unsinkable,
That was Hitler’s cry,
But he never thought about the day
She would meet the “K.G.V”.

I will never forget that morning,
On the twenty-seventh of May,
For the boys onboard our warship
Each played his part that day.

At nine-o’clock on Tuesday,
When we avenged the “Hood”,
And sunk that German Battleship,
As only British Sailors could.

For salvo after salvo,
We let her have it strong,
And knew her crew, like Germans,
Would not stick it long.

The going was too strong for them,
We knew that all too well,
So we let them have a broadside,
And blew them into Hell.

Survivors were a hundred,
That is ninety nine too many,
If the boys could have had a say in it,
I doubt if there’d be any!!

So we have got our vengeance,
For the sinking of the “Hood”,
And the “Bismarck” lies beneath the sea,
Where all those square heads should.