Andhra Pradesh is the first state to be formed linguistically. In a world full of deceit, repression and opportunism, a state by name Andhra was formed in 1953 and was merged with another fledgling, Hyderabad after whipping up the passions of language in 1956. From day one, there was no sincerity in bridging the gap in development between both the areas, the simple proofs being the existence of the words Telangana and Andhra(with none talking about Andhra Pradesh) and the fact that whoever said separate Telangana won with a thumping majority in elections and separated again as a failed experiment after an uncomfortable bonhomie of just over half a century. The below data presents the election outcomes of all the results(not bypolls) in Telangana. Two or three main things to note are the 1957 elections were held because Hyderabad assembly’s five year term expired in 1957 which meant that Andhra’s first term in assembly was for seven years as against the usual five. I have given the list of top ten vote getters(assuming they won atleast a single seat). And the voting was always overwhelmingly in favour of victor, both in seats and in percentage of votes.