The table below gives the list of Governors of British Colonies whose territories were overrun by the Axis Powers. While Arthur Reginald Chater was safely placed the home front, Reginald Hugh Dorman-Smith ran the show from Simla, which is even safer than Calcutta and Delhi. Philip Euen Mitchell was not impacted because Fiji was out of path for any proposed Japanese Invasion and was mostly involved in civil administration.

Governors Colony


Shenton Thomas Straits Settlements 15-Feb-42 15-Aug-45
Mark Aitchison Young Hong Kong 25-Dec-41 15-Aug-45
Robert Smith North Borneo 08-Jan-42 15-Aug-45
Arthur Reginald Chater British Somaliland Escaped before fall
Reginald Hugh Dorman-Smith Burma Escaped before fall
Philip Euen Mitchell British Western Pacific Territories Was in Fiji, not occupied by Japan