One of the most vintage kingdoms, that too which had a unique culture of it’s own, destroyed by the British was that of the Ahoms. In their quest for money, they never had time to have a condescending look on those vintage but crumbling entities which encompassed a whole culture of their own. Ahoms migrated to India from the China-Myanmar borders and set up a kingdom encompassing most of the western Assam, with Guwahati their westernmost traditional border. The traditional date given for the establishing of the kingdom was 1228. They were initially animists but due to the predominantly Shakti based Hinduism, they converted to Hinduism, taking Hindu names as well. Though the official language was replaced by Assamese from Ahom in the seventeenth century, it largely survived, at least as a liturgical one and as the spoken language among the royalty. The script is extinct now and the language is nearly extinct. The chaos is such absolute that even the sequence of alphabets is also not completely known.

The script contained 16 vowels and 19 consonants. Five alphabets were added in 18th century. Of these, there is only one word with dha(dhek – intimidate in a sudden, high voice) and no words for the other four.

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