Finally, the Sultans frustrated by Ramaraya’s politics, ganged up against him and defeated him at Talikota. A depth of commitment to Islam/a depth of motivation to throw off the Vijayanagar yoke simply led to the battle which spelled the death knell for the unity of Vijayanagar, which finally became a non entity due to the civil war culminating in the battle of Toppur. An actual picture of the chaos on a different day.

Below are the sultans who ganged up against Viayanagar –

Ahmednagar – Hussain Nizam Shah

Bidar – Ali Barid

Bijpaur – Ali Adil Shah– Ramaraya adoped him as his son and treated him so. He entered the battle after Vijayanagar won the war and surprised their armies. Ramaraya is executed by Ali Adil Shah

Golconda – Ibrahim Qutb Shah – He escaped to Vijayanagar in purges of fratricide and returned to Golconda after the king died. In total, he stayed in Vijayanagar for seven years as the guest of Ramaraya

Berar – Berar’s rulers changed due to a coup and didnot participate. Since it didnot participate in the war, it was annexed by the combined armies to Ahmednagar

Ramaraya died with the words Narayana Krishna Bhagavata on his lips.


From Tarif-i-Husian Shahi