Mewar is famed as the upholder of Hindu freedom and pride in Rajputana. The only thing we can say in this regard is that they staunchly refused to give their princesses to the Muslim rulers and nothing more. Looking at their history of fifteen hundred years, they ventured out of their territories only once with Mewar in the lead and they lost the gamble badly. If a local ruler tries to preserve his independence come what may, how can he be treated as exceptional? There are many such rulers in India who maintained superiority in their comfort zone, none more capable than Vijayanagar. Shall we praise them to be one of the few holders of the Hindu banner in an island of Islam? Looking at their history, can be classified into phases –

1. Repulsion of Arab invasions

2. Expansion of territory

3. Local wars with Gujarat, Malwa, Marwar and other local players

4. Conquest by Delhi Sultanate and struggle to throw off the yoke

5. Conquest by Mughals and struggle to throw off the yoke

6. Conquest by Marathas and struggle to throw off the yoke

7. British subservience

Below is a brief synopsis of their history starting from Bappa Rawal, the first ruler of any note. Note that in the intervening gaps, either nothing is known or nothing much happened.

Bappa Rawal (734-753): Defeated a major Arab Invasion with the support of Pratiharas

From then on, till 853, it’s expansion of the kingdom.

Allat Singh(951-973): The capital is lost and the seat was setup at Ahar

Amba Prasad(993-1007): Lost to Mahmud of Ghazni

Ari Singh(1127-1138): Chittor lost to Malwa

Karan Singh(1158-68): Family split – Dungarpur line and Mewar line

Samant Singh(1172-79): Killed in battle against Nadol

Manthan Singh(1191-1211): Was present at Tarain in 1192 supporting Prithviraj Chauhan and lost

Jaitra Singh(1213-53): Chittor reconquered

1253-62: Interregnum

Ratan Singh(1302-1303): Ala-ud-din Khilji conquers Mewar, killed in battle

1303-26: Interregnum

1326-1421: Mewar rebounds back

Mokal(1421-33): Killed in Marwar invasion

Kumbhakarna Singh(Kumbha)(1433-68): Repulsed an invasion of Malwa, repulsed a joint attack of Gujarat, Malwa and Marwar but finally killed by his son

Udai Singh(1468-73): Killed his father, Maharana Kumbha, decides to give his daughter to the Sultan of Delhi, assasinated

Rai Mal(1473-1509): Came to throne on a civil war after the death of Udai Singh. Repulsed a Malwa Invasion, survived a civil war

Sangram Singh(Sanga)(1509-27): Defeated Gujarat and Malwa, Invited Babur to aid him in his fight with the Lodis and Malwa, and was defeated decisively by Babur on a later date. Died of battle wounds. Possibly assasinated to avoid further wars which are nothing but suicidal

Vikramaditya Singh(1531-37): Deserted when Gujarat attacked Mewar

Banbir Singh(1537-40): Usurped the throne as Vikramaditya escaped from his responsibility, defeated in civil war

Udai Singh(1540-68): Kingdom effectively conquered by the Mughals

Pratap Singh(Pratap)(1572-97): Spent all his life struggling with the Mughals

Amar Singh(1597-1620): Tried unsuccessfully to ward off the Mughals, accepted Mughal Suzerainity

Karan Singh(1620-28): Mughal subservience, supports Shah Jahan’s rebellion

Jagat Singh(1628-52): Mughal subservience

1652-1734: Rebellion against the Mughals

1734-1803: Maratha Subservience, but with some resistance

1803-1947: British subservience

If there is anything which proves otherwise, I am open for correction of my stand.