Question from BBC London

On Thursday, 21st September 1944, BBC London had a question for our fighting soldiers on its morning program for Indians.

“Do you ever wonder why India is so poor? If you think about answering this question with all your new experiences and ideas you can figure out what can you do for betterment of India once the war is over.”

We know that many of our brothers have never heard our [German radio] program, and very few of those who have heard our program believe what we say. However, we can answer the question about why India is so poor.

It is because of the unfortunate presence of Britain in India!

Why is that?

The British government’s policy has been to cause confusion among Indians since the beginning. This confusion started during the reigns of the Muslim rulers and Hindu kings in India. Can anyone give any proof quoting facts that there was any such communal fighting before the British came to India?

No! There was not! Never!

India never had shortage of workers and farmers producing products and crops. But, who now gets all the wealth produced in India?
It is all sent to the British Empire and not used for the betterment of India!
Britain has ruled India for 200 years but the Indian poor are still dying because of hunger.
Why is that?

Because, all the food produced in India is sent to the hungry and starving British people. Besides a lot of potatoes and ice, the British produce nothing else.

Because of the British, there is also a weakening of the educational and industrial systems of Ä 163-944

And this is the reason why India is so poor!

What did you see and learn in other countries?

The country has to be free and independent to be prosperous!

Think! Are you doing any good for your country helping the British?