During the Durrani invasion of 1765 to tame the Sikhs, during a fight outside Lahore, Nasir Khan, the ruler of Qalat fell down of his steed in the heat of fighting. As he fell to the ground, the turban he was wearing got loose. As a result, his long hair popped out from beneath his head-wear. One of the Sikh combatants noticing the fall rushed out at him with the sword to kill him. But as fate would have it, another Sikh hastily halted his comrade’s blow in the nick of time, saying that the man was a Khalsa going by his flowing beard and long hair. And being a Baloch, he looked similar. By the time the Sikhs became aware of their self-deception, Nasir Khan was once again on his feet and the Baloch drove the Sikhs back, who suffered a crushing defeat and retreated in haste.