We squarely blame Sadashiv Rao Bhau for the debacle at Panipat. But, what is the role of his brother and suzerain for the loss? It is a known fact that death of Viswas Rao is the sole reason why Maratha Confederacy broke up. Let’s check a few pointers which would have explained Nana the gravity of the situation
1. Bhau’s overtures to the Rajputs are turned down and Nana knows that. Did he actually check what the Rajputs are doing in the name of neutrality?
2. Surajmal Jat is still very powerful. Did Nanasaheb get any information from him? If yes, how did he act upon it? If no, why?
3. Death of Govindpant Bundele. He was ambushed and killed far away from the battlefield. Anyone and everyone would have got a rumour of that.
4. Naro Shankar was not able to to get in touch with Bhau. He would have surely sent the information to the Peshwa.
5. Unable to reach Bhau and Shuja still with Abdali would have told him something for sure.
The Peshwa, inspite of all this, if he wasted valuable time in the Deccan, who is to blame, but him, for the debacle?