Behold the red rose blossoming in the Hilal Bagh of the Broq Maqpon.
Oh’ it was not the red rose, it was Maqpon Ali Sher Khan.
Behold the ‘Halo’ flower blossoming, in Broq Maqpon, Hilal Bagh
Oh: it was not the ‘Halo’ flower, it was Anchan Ali Sher Khan.
When the queen was brought she was accompanied by hundreds of men and horses;
When the queen was brought, she was to tread on steps made of turquoise
The steps leading to the palace had been adorned with turquoise:
When the Queen was sent back, there was not a single person or horse to go with her.
Despite these, O’ Anchan Ali Sher Khan I may lay down my life for your glory and happiness.