A few points are to be noted regarding the Greek Civilization before thinking to analyze it any further
1. The civilization in itself is a failure. If we knew something of it, it is because the Romans adopted Greek Culture in the same way the Turks adopted Islam.
2. Greeks never ventured out of their comfort zone. The only fights we see involving Greeks and foreigners outside Greece Proper and Western Anatolia is with the Carthagians. If we saw Greeks elsewhere, it was always under the banner of another.
3. Alexander was a Macedonian and not a Greek. Alexander leading Greeks on world conquest is as absurd as Lydian conquest of Egypt under Cambysses even if Cambysses’s forces contained considerable number of Lydians. Even Epirus of Phyrrus is considered to be outside Greece like that of Macedonia.
4. Credit can be given for their advances in sensuality in sculptures and poetry but this should be viewed stand-alone(keeping their glorifying of nudity aside) and not compared with anything else contemporary. Every culture excelled in sculpting and poetry but with the exception of India and China, all of them are washed away in the vicissitudes of time.
5. Greece is shown as a great culture only because all the contemporary civilizations of Europe, Africa and West Asia, with the exception of Greeks and Carthage were destroyed by the time world came to understand the concept of History. In the first wave, went away Babylon, Assyria, Hittites and Hurrians, in the second wave went away Persia and Egypt, both destroyed by the Macedonians and next followed Macedonian Greece and Carthage. The Roman world, which adoped Greek tradition survived till 1450 AD, that too in the last millennium as a Greek kingdom(founded by Romans)