It took just 70 years for the Muslims to roll from Egypt into Spain. But it took 60 years for the same Arabs to move from Persia into the next, Sind. But the fact is that their armies were broken in a decade and they were not able to gain a foothold for the next 200 years. There were three kingdoms blocking the entry into India – Sind(fell 712), Zabul(fell 870), Kabul(became ineffective by 1000 AD). The below is a proof of their frustration where the legendary bird of gold became something not worth the time spent.

O Commander of the faithful!
It’s a land where the plains are stony;
Where water is scanty;
Where the fruits are unsavory;
Where men are known for treachery;
Where plenty is unknown;
Where virtue is held of little account;
And where evil is dominant;
A large army is less for there;
And a less army is use-less there;
The land beyond it, is even worst.