First of all, there is no proof that Trojan War happened. Second, if at all it happened, it may have been a petty war where one was annihilated with unwanted brutality. The brutality in itself is sufficient to tell us of the culture of the people involved and is a proof that the story of this war should be committed to a dustbin. Hector is shown as enlightened but the Greeks are shown as barbarians – the dragging of Hector’s body after his death in a fair fight, the rape of Trojan women, the death of Priam after Neoptolemus clubbed him with Astyanax’s dead body. Probably, this may have been the reason why the Trojans are made Greeks atleast to show that some of the Greeks are good. Third, it can be an exaggeration and consolidation of all the happenings the great days of Mycenaean civilization into a single event spoken in a nostalgic way much ahead in future when all is forgotten and just a hazy memory stayed.
To show the Greek culture in all glory, Trojan war is potrayed as a great war in which kingdoms are annihilated. Yes, Troy is razed to the ground but the Greeks lost most of their fighting force, which would have led to their downfall at the next invasion. But the fact is that if Troy is powerful, the destruction of such a powerful city controlling the highways of trade from both Balkans and Cyprus should have been noted in the contemporary chronicles. But, it is not the case.
Below are some of the attempts made to show that Trojan war is mentioned in contemporary Hittite Chronicles –
1. Piyama-Radu was a local trouble maker in western Anatolia and Hittite attemps to contain him went to naught. He is generally identified as Priam.
2. Alaksandu was a king of Wilusa is identified as Paris or Alexandros of Troy and Wilusa with Troy or Illos
3. Wilusa solicited aid from the Hittites to counter an invasion of Ahhiyawa. Ahhiyawa is identified as Achaean while the name they used at that time is Mycenae.
Even if Homer called the Greeks Achaeans, he came half a millenium after the war and logic says the Hittites call them not as Achaeans but as Mycenae as they are the prominent kingdom representing that area and that they dominated the area before the Hittities came to know of Greeks. And if the Achaeans are different from Mycenae and are depicted as a powerful kingdom, it simply implies that Mycenae itself is a non-entity. The Treaty of Sausgawa is a clear proof that only the kings of Egypt, Babylon and Assyria are equals to the Hittite Emperor and Ahhiyawa is struck off as his equal. Note that the word Ahhiyawa is used and nothing denoting Mycenae(Mukana).
There is no mention of this fight in the contemporary Egyptian chronicles. Though Aqaiwasha in Egyptian is generally and controversially associated with Achaean(not Mycenae-Mukana), but they come as a part of sea people and not as a Greek kingdom and there is no information regarding them.