Still people of Telangana remember the Razakars with a shudder. They are supposed to be the military arm of Ittehad, the main Muslim party of Hyderabad aiming for an Islamic Emirate in Hyderabad. Incidentally, they put a better fight against India as compared to the Hyderabadi Army during Operation Polo. Below is a high level view of their organization.

The head of the Razakars is called Afsar-e-Ala(basically it’s a title given by Qasim Razvi to himself).

Below him is the one who represents a district, and is termed Salar-e-Khabir

Below him is the Taluq head, Salar-e-Saghir

Many Salars are under him. A Salar is one who leads a Jaish.

A Jaish contains 30 volunteers.

Only those Razakars who are selected by Afsar-e-Ala are eligible for military training(on paper) and are issued a uniform – Khaki trousers, khaki shirt and a black fez headgear, a sword and a dagger