Mir Nasir Khan became the ruler of Kalat in 1749 after an anarchy of thirteen years which saw much confusion and bloodshed in Makran. Mir Mohabbat Khan approached Nadir Shah to topple his brother Mir Ehltaz Khan. Mir Mohabbat Khan was made the king and Elthaz Khan and Nasir Khan were sent as prisoners to Qandahar. During Ahmed Shah Abdali’s rebellion, Naseer Khan killed his brother and escaped to Sindh via Sheraz and Hub Shauki. Using his influence with the Kalhoras of Sind and Wazir of Abdali, Shah Wali Kan Bamezai, he toppled his brother and became the ruler by 1749.
The problem is Afghans treated Balochs their vassals, while Balochs saw themselves independent.
Below are the main things which provoked an Afghan invasion in 1758 under Shah Wali Khan, the Wazir –
1. War of succession in Sind – Mian Attur Khan was placed on the throne of Sind with the help of Afghan army. When the army withdrew, Attur Khan was attacked and defeated by his brother Ghulam Shah. When on the way to Qandahar, Attur Khan was arrested in Qalat.
2. No Baloch help resulting in defeat of Afghans under Shahjehan Khan Popalzai in Punjab.
3. In 1756, Nasir Khan invaded Makran and occupied the kingdom of Kech, ruled by Deenar Khan Gichki. The brother of the Deenar Khan, Mir Shah Baig went to Abdali to solicit help. Abdali forced Nasir Khan to turn back. Also, Haji Khan, a nephew of Nasir Khan rebelled for throne and when the rebellion was crushed, escaped to Qandahar. Durrani summoned Nasir Khan to Qandahar but he is not to come.
Afghans were not able to overcome the Balochs even after a siege of 40 days and three battles and concluded a treaty with the Balockhs before turning back.
Main points of the treaty –
1. No Tribute to be paid by the Balochs
2. No military contingent but will give an army to fight external enemies as a token of help at the cost of half the pay of army
3. No help will be provided to rebels of either kingdom by the other
4. Afghans will not involve in the internal matters of Balochistan
5. Abdali will return all Baloch territories under his control
To enforce it, a sister of Nasir Khan is married to Ahmed Shah. Consequence of the treaty is that Balochs got share in every loot of Afghanistan – Panipat, Khorasan, Punjab and what not.