I have no important position and power in the empire of Hindustan, I am one of the zamindars living in the desert, and on account of my worthlessness not one of the emperors of the age thought it worthy of him to interfere with my affairs. Now that a powerful emperor like Your Majesty, determined on meeting and opposing me face to face in the field of battle, would draw his armies against this insignificant person, that action alone would be discreditable to the dignity and greatness of the Shah and would help in the elevation of my position and would be a matter of pride for my humble self. The world would say that the Emperor of Iran and Turan had, out of extreme fear, marched his armies upon a penniless nomad. These words alone would be a matter of great shame for YourMajesty, the bestower of crowns. Moreover, the ultimate result is not altogether free from uncertainty. If, with all this power and equipage, you succeed in destroying a weakling like myself, what credit will there be gained? About me they will only say, ‘what power and position had that poor man?’ But if by divine decree, which is not known to anyone, the affair takes a different turn, what will it lead to? All this power and preponderance brought about by Your Majesty’s gallant soldiers during a period of eleven years will vanish in a moment.
It is a matter of surprise that your large-hearted Majesty has not given thought to this small point, and with all this congregation and huge multitude has taken upon yourself the trouble of this simple and insignificant expedition. As to the threatening and violent order issued fur the slaughter and devastation of myself and my country, warriors have no fear on that score, It is well known that no intelligent man has any faith in this transient life. As for myself, I have already crossed fifty of the stages of life and know not anything about the remaining. There shall be no greater blessing than that I should drink the draught of martyrdom, that has to be taken sooner or later in the arena of warriors and in the field of battle with valiant soldiers, and leave my name, and that of my ancestors, on the pages of the book of the age to be remembered that a powerless peasant breathed equality with such a great and powerful emperor as had reduced mighty kings to subjection, and that he fell fighting. And the same virtuous intention lies at the heart of any faithful followers and companions. Even if I wish to make up my mind to attend at the threshold of your angelic court, the honour of my friends does not permit me to do so. Under such circumstances, if Your Majesty, the fountain of justice, forgive me, who is weak as a straw and turn your attention to expeditions of greater importance, no harm shall come to your dignity or glory. The truth about the three forts belonging to me, the objects of your wrath, which have been regarded by Your Majesty’s Chiefs as weak as a spider’s web, shall be tested only after an actual contest. God willing, they shall be as invincible as Alexander’s Rampart.