1. You require at least two days to see what’s there in Oxford. Split the below itinerary across two days.
2. Train from West Drayton – £21.90
3. If you don’t know anything and don’t know what to see or do, go for a one day bus tour @ £13.00 ph
4. Climb the Carafax Tower. £2.30 ph for views of the town. You can have a look, but I don’t deem the view to be that impressive. Even though it’s 99 steps to the top, the climb is very hectic. What they say is it’s the best view for the dreaming spires of Oxford.
5. Walk down towards Christchurch. Don’t go into the Museum of Oxford in the Guildhall. It’s a waste of time.
6. Go into the Christchurch. £8.50 ph.
7. Cut across the meadows and come on to the main road again. Go to the Botanical Gardens. You will spend at least 2 hrs in the gardens. Nothing exceptional, but worth the time spent. Ticket – £4.00 ph. Probably, if you get into this, there’s no need for you to go to Kew.
8. Punting(£20 per boat per hour, upto 5 people/£23 with chauffer), Trinity College, Ashmolean Museum, Bodlean Library, Science Museum
9. Have a walking tour