1. Journey Routes –
    1. West Drayton to Heathrow(U3)-Hampton Court(111)
    2. West Drayton-Ealing Broadway-Shepherd’s Bush-Clapham Junction-Hampton Court
  2. Entry is through Historic Royal Palaces Membership. Else, £16.95 p.h., 2 for 1 exists.
  3. Time: 3-4 hrs
  4. Must see – Hampton Court Maze, the gardens, both the wilderness and the formal gardens at the back of the palace, the palace. They are very good.
  5. Main things to look out in the formal gardens at the back of the palace – the long water, the tree avenues with those shaped trees, the fountain, and if interested, the extension park at the back which is a sort of deer park.
  6. The main palace as such,  start from the great hall and end that set, then go to George III’s apartments. Majority of the palace will be covered as a part of these two. Mainly, look at the tapestries. If they are still in the building, note these paintings/tapestries –
    1. The tapestries in the main hall and the room behind it
    2. The famous painting of Henry VIII, the full one
    3. A painting of a boy peeping through a window(this one was missing in my last visit)
    4. Porus fighting Alexander(not present in my last two visits)
  7. Rest all things of note – the kitchens and the wine cellar, enactment as the king.
  8. If you started early and if you are more into walking, take the river side path between the palace and walk till Kingston. The distance to Kingston Bridge is around 8 km. It’s a pleasant walk – only footpath and occasional cycles. There is no other conveyance, taxis or buses or boats or whatever.
  9. Another option for you is to roam around in Bushey Park, which is famous for it’s deer and the chestnut avenue (2 mile long with a statue of Diana at the centre). If you roam around, there’s a very high chance you will see some hares scampering around. There’s a formal garden somewhere inside. The maintenance of the park is not that great though.
  10. After this, pass some time in Kingston. Main things there –
    1. Coronation Stone in Guildhall. Nothing much, but a tick mark thing.
    2. Riverside walk
    3. Don’t remember the name of the river, but there’s a river which meets with Thames under a wooden bridge. For this, start at the guildhall and follow the water channel till the end.
    4. The statue of flying geese. This is somewhere beside the river meet.
    5. The main market area as such. It’s a nice and lively area.
    6. There’s a public art piece in that is made of telephone booths, falling on each other(like a domino cascade).
    7. If you are there after dark, the spot below the Kingston Bridge on the opposite side of river meet etc is a very nice place to take some photographs.