Godzilla, the new movie – A review

Till the time I entered the theatre, I didn’t the name of the movie which I was watching. We were some ten minutes late into the movie. The movie was entertaining, but I donot claim it to be an exceptional one. This doesn’t look to be a very high budget movie and is majorly in two colours – black and the other, either yellow or yellow-orange or white. Another thing to note is that this is a typical Hollywood movie where someone attacks America and America ultimately wins. The sub genre is of destruction of Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco. Though this is named Godzilla, this is no way related to the previous Godzilla, where the Golden Gate Bridge is also destroyed.
Coming to the actual story, the scientists identify a predator of previous age which hibernates, but they fail to destroy it even by nuclear weapons. This they call Godzilla. Another group finds another skeleton of another creature of it’s age, this time, named a MUTO. This MUTO has nuclear radiation as food. The hero’s father, a nuclear scientist, finds some high seismic activity patternedly moving from Philippines towards his nuclear plant. With unexpected speed, the plant collapses, along with it, the mother of the hero dies in the middle of sentimental scenes between his parents. Fast forward 15 years. The son is now a American military officer. Once home, he gets a call from the consulate that his father is arrested as he tried to tresspass into the quarantined area of the previous nuclear plant. When he goes and gets his father released, his father stays he was going there to gets his documents to prove that the disaster was not natural and convicnes his son to join him. They are again arrested and taken to a research facility. There, they see the same state of affairs, a repetition of events which happened before and see the MUTO there. They try to destroy the MUTO but fail. The hero’s father dies in this incident but the head of the research party identifies his contribution and tries to gather information, first from the father and then the son. As expected, the MUTO flies towards America and not nearer China to feed on radiation. Hawaii is destroyed, then is San Fransisco where it meets with a female MUTO which comes from Nevada. The scene of their meeting is expected to be touching, by t he male giving the female a nuclear missile which it uses to feed it’s eggs. Then, the Godzilla comes and kills both of them and then it leaves to hibernate again. All this is between a love story of the hero and touching scenes of separation, fear, longing and uniting. Even the music at the time of the final fight between the MUTOs and the Godzilla is typical Bollywood.
Both the creatures are modelled on humans which is more visible when they stand or fly. Then, there is a Chinese gate, which is never destroyed, while everything else is. And there is no reason to show why Godzilla leaves it’s sleeping place in the centre of San Fransisco into the sea thereby helping the Americans.
All apart, this is a good timepass movie with three love stories assuming you look it from the correct angle with no rationality.

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