By Suryamall Mishran (1815-1868)

The boars lay waste the greenery,
The elephants muddle the lake
While the lion is lost in his lioness’
Love oblivious of the stake
Don’t be called now Simhas, O Thakurs,
While alien mercy you seek-
Only those whose paws fell the elephants.
Are worth the name, not the meek

A lullaby on Kunwar Singh

Oh Babua, that day our grandpa look up his sword
Oh Babua, to keep safe our pride and our plenty, our religion, our cows
Oh Babua, to protect the rent free lands of our widows
And to protect our mothers md sisters from disgrace
Oh Babua, to defmd the fair name of our fathers and grandfathers
Oh Babua, when hour of calamily was upon us,
Oh Babua, that day our grandpa took up his sword.

A folk song on the happenings at Meerut

Oh, come and look!
In the Bazaar of Meerut
The Firingi is waylaid and beaten!
The Whiteman is waylaid and beaten!
In the open Bazaar of Meerut
Look, oh look,
His gun is snatched
His horse lies dead
His revolver is battered.
In the open Bazaar of Meerut
He is waylaid and beaten