The first ones to take the beating in an Indian election if the government loses is it’s ministers. Whenever we saw incumbency, ministers always lost in the recent past, best example being Sharad Yadav-Lalu combine. Once, one trounces the other and the other time, it’s the other way round. But, this time, the blood bath is absolute in the North and Andhra, while the Ministers of South India held their ground, and to some extent, consolidated. The anger is such intense in Andhra that all the ministers lost their deposits due to the way the partition of the state was dealt. The below chart(Results – Cabinet) shows how each of the minister fared(list picked from Wikipedia)
Those in Orange lost by a considerable margin while those in brown fared even worse. Those in yellow either won with thumping majority or they improved as compared with 2009. Special mentions for Kamal Nath and Maharaja Gwalior, who braved the winds and won comfortably and for Kavuri Sambasiva Rao and Daggubati Purandareshwari, who quit Congress to join TDP and BJP respectively. The first didn’t contest, while the second lost the elections. And happy are those who were Rajya Sabha members then and didn’t contest now.
Cabinet Results